Young Pulse Of Europe

"young pulse of europe" at the Zentralplatz Koblenz, Saturday 18.05.2019, from 12pm to 14.30 pm


is a movement for a Europe of human beings

to show the pluralism and diversity of human beings in Europe.


All human beings are welcome!

Our Story

After 2 years here in Koblenz Germany to strengthen Europe for human beings the idea of

"Young Pulse Of Europe" occured.

The election in May 2019 is important for us all in Europe. GO VOTING!

Our Mission

In the 20th century politicians spoke of "a House of Europe". Now in the 21st century it is time to have a "Europe of Human Beings" to show the diversity and plualism here in Europe. "Young Pulse Of Europe" is open to new ideas and likes to show all life styles and ways of life. Each human being can be as s/he is. Diversity and pluralism are facts and need to be seen.