Women s march


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Some of the women who regularly attend the Pulse of Europe events on Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt have taken the initiative to organize a Women’s March for Europe. On 9 May 2018, which is also Europe Day, we intend to demonstrate under the banner “Europe is ours too” – this year in Berlin and in the future all over Europe. All democratic parties are warmly welcome to take part.

We call on everyone to contribute to a fair and prosperous society and to enable women and men to live in a world where everyone feels comfortable and can develop and move around freely, a world created by men and women for men and women.

To this end, we appeal to everyone to value women’s contribution to society, the work women do in the family, bringing up children and caring for the elderly,
and the empathy they show in every kind of employment.
We call for an immediate end to the gender pay gap. To make this happen, women should pay less tax or receive a tax allowance on grounds of sex.
As long women continue to receive less pay, they should pay at least 30 per cent less tax.

We started the association Committee for the Foundation EU Women, here our aims:

  1. To deliver gender equality and ensure the enforcement of existing laws in Europe.
  2. To enhance women’s contribution to civil society and increase their presence and visibility in all sectors.
  3. To respond immediately to the unequal economic and civil treatment and dignity accorded to women with a 30% tax reduction in favour of all female taxpayers.
  4. To contribute to the eradication of gender-based violence and improve the coexistence of women and men on planet Earth.
  5. To make sure that all women are free to choose how, where and with whom they live.
  6. To promote the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations and signed in the 2015 Paris Agreement.
  7. To spread the humanistic values on which Europe is based and inspire the whole of humanity.
Women for Europe – Europe for Women
#Women4Europe #Europe4Women

Further information on the subject: Universal feminism (.pdf 128 KB).